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Panelist: PAX East 2024 – How to Prepare for a College Esports Program

March 28, 2024 – New York, NY – Justin M. Jacobson recently spoke as part of a panel on “How to Prepare for a College Esports Program” at PAX East 2024 in Boston, Massachusetts. Justin participated on the panel with former NFL All-Pro and current Head Coach for University of Nebraska’s esports program, Ahman Green. Justin and Ahman explored the growth and development of a college esports program including both competitive as well as academic aspects. The panelists discussed some techniques for recruiting and scouting players, building on-campus facilities and arenas, as well as for securing sponsorships, brand partners, and program funding. The panel concluded by exploring the ways that an esports head coach or program director might work with other university personnel and the competitive gamers to foster teamwork and a productive competitive atmosphere amongst the players.