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CLE Lecture: Dallas Bar Association – “Level Up – Latest Legal Developments in Gaming”

May 20, 2024 – New York, NY – On May 20, 2024, Justin M. Jacobson spoke on a CLE lecture with moderator, Shereen El Domeiri of Domeiri PLLC entitled “Level Up – Latest Legal Developments in Gaming” for the Dallas Bar Association‘s Science and Technology Section. The presentation provided a background on the esports and video game business including describing the competitive gaming landscape as well as some of the chief legal issues related to working in the professional gaming and esports space. The lecture examined some related legal fields involved in esports such as contract law, intellectual property law such as trademark and copyright, and immigration matters for esports talent and companies. The CLE concluded by examining some of the trending issues in esports and video game industries including the rise and monetization of user generated content (UGC), online privacy and child-related issues along with the growth of Unreal Engine Fortnite (UEFN) maps and other in-game compensation mechanisms provided by game developers and publishers.