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CLE Lecture: Esports Law 101 (2024 Edition) Presented by Federal Bar Association & myLawCLE

November 3, 2023 – New York, NY – On November 2, 2023 Justin M. Jacobson recently hosted a CLE lecture, “Esports Law 101 (2024 Edition)” presented by the Federal Bar Association and myLawCLE. The CLE presentation provided an overview of competitive video gaming or espors world. The CLE also examined the role of attorneys in the esports space including discussing what an esports lawyer does as well as exploring some common intellectual property protections such as copyrights and trademark matters for professional gamers, streamers, esports teams and organizations. It also explored some common contractual terms included in esports talent and sponsorship agreements, including those entered with professional gamers, streamers, coaches, and casters as well as focused on foreign visas and work authorization for professional gamers, content creators, coaches, casters, and other individuals. The CLE finished by examining some other related legal issues for the esports space including FTC and social media disclosures, DMCA and music licensing for streaming and content creation as well as emergence of esports federations, associations, and other governing bodies.

Check the lecture here.