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Event: 04/16/24 – Esports & Entertainment Networking Event at Coexist Gaming House

April 28, 2024 – New York, NY – On April 16, 2024, the Law Office of Justin M. Jacobson, Esq., The Gamehers, Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE), Games Industry Gathering (GIG), Long Island Gaming League (LIGL), and Esports Trade Association hosted an exclusive invite-only esports and entertainment industry networking event at the Coexist Gaming House in Manhattan, New York.

The night featured a mixture of industry professionals, celebrities, professional gamers, streamers, musicians, artists, and DJs networking over free gaming at this members only club. The event was attended by many influential business professionals in the entertainment, esports, sports, music, and fashion spaces as well as by notable personalities and influencers, including sports agents, financial advisors and wealth management professionals, attorneys, and content creators, including appearances by Hot 97’s HipHopGamer and Dota 2 The International champion, Peter “ppd” Dager, and sports and esports caster Larry Ridley.

The official recap video can be found here and below.