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Panelist: Brooklyn Law School’s Entertainment Symposium – “Inappropriate to Misappropriate: AI and Celebrity Right of Publicity”

April 5, 2024 – New York, NY – Justin M. Jacobson recently spoke as part of a panel, “Inappropriate to Misappropriate: AI and Celebrity Right of Publicity” as part of Brooklyn Law School’s Entertainment Symposium. Justin participated on the panel with other attorneys as the discussion explored the legalities related to the use of AI as it relates to “deep fakes” and other forms of infringement. The panelists touched on some of the recently passed as well as pending legislation aimed at protecting an individual from the unauthorized usage of their name, image, or other likeness as forms of misappropriation such at the ELVIS Act in Tennessee and the NO AI Fraud Act. The conversation focused on how celebrity’s might utilize copyright law and other right of publicity protections to combat infringing usages of their copyrighted work by AI as well as the usage of their voice, face, or other identifiable characteristics in “deep fakes” or other material fabricated by AI software.