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Panelist: Casino Esports Conference (CEC) Live 2023 – iGaming, Gambling, and Esports Panels

November 8, 2023 – New York, NY – Justin M. Jacobson recently spoke as part of the Casino Esports Conference (CEC) Live in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Justin participate on two panels as part of the conference including “iGaming and Esports” as well as “Gambling and Esports.” These panels explored the growth of iGaming and the integration of esports into digital gambling offerings, casinos, and platforms. They also looked at the current legislation and landscape for wagering and gambling in the esports space including speaking on which states currently have legalized esports gambling as well as touched on some of the existing hurdles to wide-spread adoption of wagering on esports events by more states. The panels concluded by exploring the potential growth opportunities existing in esports for casino and gambling operators and how these companies may best engage with the esports market.